The Lowest Seventh Heaven Series


Each painting has been channelled by Linda Graham.

The first picture came as a vision early one morning when I woke up in my hotel room on the last day during a visit in the city of Cork, Ireland. I had to make a quick sketch on plane as I travelled back to the UK. The vision continually came into my mind and simply insisted on being painted as it scratched away at my mind.

Of course wanting to paint the vision and downloading it onto canvas was easier said than done. There were many hours standing in front of the canvas before I began. Then I remembered 7th level Breathing and realised with the correct breathing I could relax and allow the paintings to channel through. I took a deep breathe and on the out breathe held my brush at the canvas and began to shake the painting out. Once I'd begun the vibration formed with each brush stroke.
Two days before the painting was finished, information filtered into my mind, telling me this was the first level of the lowest 7th heaven. Almost immediately I was given a vision of the second level and started painting this the moment I'd finished the first level. On completion of the second painting another level appeared. This pattern kept repeating until all of the seven levels to the lowest 7th heaven appeared.

You would need a very high wall to be able to fit each level one of top of each other as the thumbnail size show.
Stored in my mind are all the levels of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th heaven and I look forward to presenting these to you as each set emerges.

Each one of the hand finished prints on canvas becomes a unique painting as all will have slight variations of the general theme. They are all exactly the same size as the original oils on canvas.