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Have you been longing to find yourself? You want to find out why you are here on earth this lifetime. You can't settle to anything. Something is changing. Just what is it? You've chosen to be here at the point of drastic changes to our wonderful planet. We are all feeling the new pull to a better existence. What we do on a personal level really does matter. We each need to be the peace we wish to see.

Consultations: Would you like some clear defined answers and direction?

A consultation with Linda Graham is unusual and very uplifting. Linda has been an astrologer for twenty five years and Uses this profound knowledge, blended with many other dimensions within her grasp. Thus producing an inspiring, totally personal reading designed to bring to you what ever you need most, for inner healing and peace.

You can tell that Linda really enjoys her work as you will find her to be very enthusiastic, focused and powerful. Helping you to take the reins of your life or confirming you are already on the right road.

Whenever anyone comes to see Linda she is never quite sure which direction it will go in as she is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and a spiritual opening medium. She starts with looking at your personal astrological blue print and then it flows in which ever direction as necessary. The whole journey helps you to find inner peace, feel safe with your decisions and the courage and strength to continue.

Linda Graham has dedicated much of her life to assisting people get back on their feet after deep life experiences. She also is a very down to earth, grounded, spiritual teacher and has many students who have followed her teachings for many years.

Linda is also a Reiki master teacher, Mindfulness teacher, spiritual teacher, art teacher and tutor of Indian Head Massage. She also writes and performs spiritual baby blessings, wedding blessings and renewal of vows throughout the UK and Internationally.

She is co author to the childrens educational book 'Dragons Breath & The Magic of Tapping. Her book will be available on Amazon from the 20th September 2014.

Linda says since 2012 we have all been raising our vibrations, heralding a new world with the occurence of the paradigm shift. We all need to be the harmony the world longs for. If we all change at a fundamental level, then collectively the world will be a better place for our children to grow up in and enjoy.

You may order your consultation by post or you can make an appointment by telephone. Address and phone number are below. You will soon be able to make a payment through paypal using a form within this page!

A consultation with Linda is £55

All consultations are recorded and are completely confidential.

The courses Linda has on offer are:


Indian Head Massage (accredited by the Institute if Indian Head Massage)
Spiritual Development
7th Leval Breathing (for self management and peace)
Inner Potential

Linda has a book out now called Dragons Breath and The Magic of Tapping. For information and orders

Linda also offers a very powerful spiritual service with her unique tailored wedding Blessings and Baby Blessing.

Please do call do discuss your ideas for your wedding or a baby blessing.

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please allow 28 days for delivery
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All consultations are recorded and are completely confidential

If you are interested in a wedding or baby blessing do not hesitate to contact me