Beth's Angel

Giclee fine art print with hand-finished detail.

Beth's Angel was the first to channel through Linda Graham. She had started painting a country scene and as this was not going well, started to cover the image and the shape of an angel appeared. There is a lot more to the story. The vibrations helps your chakras to stay clear and in balance so that your body works more harmoniously with itself.

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Hand finished print on canvas
77 x 63 cm
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Print (unframed)
A3 297 x 420 mm
Delivery: £5.00

Beth’s Angel Full Story

The canvas was prepared as a feeling of restlessness told me a painting was about to be downloaded. By the time I'd loaded my palette with a fine display of shiny oils, all colour selected intuitively, I still had no idea what I was to paint.

After some time of standing with brush poised I decided to paint a simple landscape. It didn't appear to be flowing well so I decided to block out what I'd done so far. Using a fairly dark colour I began covering the sketchy landscape. After five minutes it dawned on me that something was beginning to take shape. Fifteen minutes later I stood back from the canvas and could see an angel emerging as though it had been sketched. It was quite late into the evening however I was so captivated that I continued painting long enough for the face of the angel to become visible.

The very next morning jenny, a new client came to see me for her first appointment. During the consultation she told me of her recovering journey since a serious car accident a few months ago. When I asked if she had been able to drive since, she nodded smiling broadly. Fear had made it impossible for jenny to even getting back in a car at first, let alone drive. Until one day she asked her personal angel to help her. Suddenly she felt as though two huge wings had folded around her and she felt calm and safe. Now was able to drive each day going a little bit further. Inspired by the story I led jenny into my art studio and showed her the angel beginning to emerge. I was astonished to hear her gasp. The painting, albeit sketchy at present, gave jenny the same feeling of her angels wings folding around her, making her feel calm and safe.

This is only the beginning of the story. Two days later, jenny rang and asked if she could buy the painting, as she had been unable to stop thinking about it. She had even told her friends and family about the painting and the affect it had on her. Astonished I went into a minor panic. 'Could I even paint an angel?' I asked myself 'Would I even get time to finish it as my days were filled with healing and teaching?' In the end I said "I can't promise you anything however if I manage to finish it and produce a half decent painting and you still like it I promise you I will definitely offer you first refusal.

In fact it was quite a few months before I went back to it as the very next day I became very ill and nearly died. On my road to recovery and the long awaited rest, I started to paint again and became totally focused on the angel painting and each time I painted I felt better. I turned clients away constantly during my recovery, still not well enough to see them. The painting held my attention like a moth to a flame and I continued to work on it. During the last three days of painting a new face emerged and I felt an even deeper sense of peace smiling within. At last it was finished.

It was during these last three days that I answered a call and found myself saying yes to a request for a consultation and booked in a new client. At the end of that call I wondered why suddenly I was saying yes to an appointment. ‘Hmmm must be important’ I thought. When the client arrived at my consultation rooms it quickly became very evident to me that he'd lost someone. In fact by some strange coincidence his girlfriend had passed away in a car accident on exactly the same day I'd become ill. She did come through to him during the sitting impressing messages upon me rather than manifesting herself for me to see. This obviously did help however the client was in the depth of grief and struggling to cope. We talked at length during which time I talked tentatively about our personal angel who can help us with anything if we ask. I took him to see the painting hoping he'd gain a feeling of calm and wasn’t prepared at all for his reaction. The tears rolled down his face as he told me that the face of the angel was his girlfriends. In fact her name was Beth and had been one of my sweetest clients. Beth is and continues to be such a lovely woman and her angel presence is felt by all who know and Love her, giving us all a sense of safety, comfort and love.

Many blessings are sent by Linda to all of Beth’s family and friends.

Although my client wished to buy the painting I could not go back on my word to Jenny for without her, the painting would never have been completed. So many people were captivated by the painting, including Beth's beautiful parents; a limited edition was a must. Now this print hangs in meditation centers, healing/ consultation rooms, schools and personal spaces. It has a most amazing vibration and in the healing I received from it during painting made me realise it was time to work less, and paint more. I hope you enjoy this painting.

"Our beloved Beth continues to grace pur lives with her beautiful presence. She is constantly sending us undeniable messages of warmth and love. We know that she is beautifully taken care of, and that out love is safe, now and forever."